Parents always want what’s best for their little buckets of sunshine. Whether it’s feeding them nutritional meals, helping them find trustworthy online assignment help tutors or bestowing the right teachings and raising them to become good human beings – parents leave no stones unturned. 

Moreover, parents always wish their children to succeed in whatever they do and inevitably live a happy and fulfilling life. 

Some parents (keeping true to their religious beliefs) also teach or help their kids learn the HOLY QURAN to become familiar with the doctrines of the All-Mighty ALLAH.

It makes sense in so many ways. After all, to its loyal followers- the HOLY QURAN is the cornerstone of accomplishing unceasing success in all areas of their precious life.

If you’re one such concerned mother endeavouring to teach your little kids the HOLY QURAN – then you’re doing the right thing.

Below highlights the importance of learning the HOLY QURAN for kids.

Kids get crucial insights into Islamic Faiths, Culture, Heritage and Compassion. 

The HOLY QURAN is the divine book of Islamic culture. It comprises teachings of the LORD in the divine tongue and proper guidance on how religious Muslims must live. 

Regularly reading the QURAN gives kids first-hand awareness of how ALLAH wants all its children to live and flourish. 

Moreover, reading the QURAN teaches kids about the moral compass that MUSLIMS adhere to when making crucial life decisions. 

So, simply put – by reading the QURAN, kids become more religiously aware of their cultural heritage and even learn the value of humility and showing compassion towards others. 

Kids Understand the Crucial Messages of The LORD to grow up spiritually and morally.

The current world is plagued with WARS, hatred, jealousy and evil-doers who fester ill-wills and amoral activities at every opportune moment. 

The world that once manifested goodness, kindness and acceptance to all has become a vile cesspool for all kinds of society degenerates. 

Parents realise the evil of people and the ugliness of the current world all too well. To protect their children from the depth of evil existing in the world, they make them read and learn the divine preaching of ALLAH. 

The HOLY QURAN provides a wealth of wisdom and guidance on how people must remain moral and spiritually connected with the LORD even when the forces of evil surround them and look to strip them of all their Light and Goodness.

By reading the HOLY QURAN – kids understand these crucial messages of the LORD.

  • Believe in the ONE TRUE GOD – The All Mighty Allah
  • Show kindness to everyone in your path – irrespective of differing religious beliefs and backgrounds.
  • Being Honest and always speaking the Truth – even when the situation seems hard or unfavourable.
  • Having Patience and wait for ALLAH’s blessings to light the way – when all seems hopeless or meaningless.
  • Showing utmost respect to parents – They are ALLAH’s reincarnation to look after and nurture all pure-hearted children of the world. It teaches to obey their parents, always love them with all their hearts and never disappoint them.

To Exhibit Sheer Respect and Veneration for the Prophet Muhammad 

Per Islamic culture, its true Prophet (Muhammad) underwent lots of hardships for his people. 

He prayed for long hours at night, asking the All-Mighty ALLAH to relinquish his past sins and grant him a place in heaven (JANNAT) in the afterlife.

His perseverance and steadfast belief towards ALLAH are an inspiration for all Islamic worshippers. 

When little kids read or learn the QURAN, they know first-hand about this remarkable man and his troublesome journey as a human being till he was accepted under the protection of the LORD. 

His exploits teach little kids that – if you have unflinching FAITH – the LORD will always watch over you – even when no one else will.

It also teaches kids about HOPE and being true to who they are at their core. And that no matter your wrongdoings- ALLAH is all-forgiving.

By Reading the HOLY QURAN, Kids Develop Their Critical Thinking Skills 

Most of the current reading Literature is below par in imparting valuable skills to little kids. Some mainstream reading resources can have negative effects on kids. 

However, with proper reading Literature like the QURAN, BIBLE or BHAGVAT GITA, parents breathe a sigh of relief.

For respectable Muslims, the HOLY QURAN is the perfect Literature for little kids to read and learn. The divine message presented in a refined writing style helps improve kids’ reading abilities very early. 

Furthermore, reading the QURAN also develops impressive critical thinking skills among kids. The concepts and ideologies presented in this divine book can transform a person completely and walk them down the divine path of righteousness.

Plus, the scenarios depicted through dialogues can offer kids a fresh outlook on life and help them perceive and tackle situations better. 

In short, developing the health practice of making your kids read through the scenarios of the HOLY QURAN helps sharpen their mental thinking prowess, thus making them confident and self-sufficient.

(Let’s Not Forget) – Making Kids Read the QURAN allows them to retain the crucial foundations of Islamic teachings throughout their life.

Young children absorb whatever they learn like a sponge. Reading the QURAN regularly, allows parents to ingrain within their little ones the crucial foundations of Islamic teachings and Literature all-throughout their life.

Wherever their kids go and whatever heights they ascend to, they will always retain the teachings of the HOLY QURAN and remember their roots.

And in the future, these kids (who will grow up by then) will teach this health habit to anyone else wanting to know about ALLAH’s teachings and develop true faith. 

Final Lines 

These irrefutable reasons establish why it’s important for kids to read and learn the HOLY QURAN during their early years. 

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