Alliance vs Empire

For those who play RPGs, character classes are an integral part of the game, including in the popular mobile MMORPG, AxE: Alliance vs Empire. NEXON has provided players with six distinct classes to choose from, each of which has unique qualities that will draw players in. This guide will discuss and explain these six classes in detail and provide assistance to both new and experienced players in making the best choice for them and maximizing their gameplay experience.

The Archer-Galanos Alliance was formed as a partnership between the two entities. This union has allowed them to benefit from each other’s resources and capabilities, thus creating a stronger and more prosperous relationship.

Archery is a challenging profession, as it involves the ability to move and fire at the same time. To be successful in PvP (Player versus Player) mode, one must have above-average skills to be the best archer.

An archer needs to have the following capabilities:

The Piercing Shot has the capability of jumping back quickly and then launch an arrow that will be able to penetrate through the opposition, resulting in a single attack with a total damage of 171%.

A Whirlwind Shot is an attack that creates a whirlwind to strike the target multiple times for an output of 180% damage, with a total of six hits.

Frost Shot triggers a frosty tempest to launch an offensive against a foe, dealing two hits for an overall 192% damage.

Utilizing natural healing is a procedure that can slowly revive the fatigue of oneself and their partners. It recuperates 2.1% of stamina every second, giving a total of 23.1%.

When Emergency Healing is employed, it can quickly replenish the stamina of the user and their companions. Subsequent to its use, 15% of the stamina is restored instantly.

The Titan-Galanos Alliance is a partnership between the two powerful firms. Both entities have joined forces to create a formidable combination of resources and capabilities. This agreement promises to generate tremendous results for both companies, as they are now able to leverage each other’s strengths to achieve success.

The Titan is unrivaled when it comes to defensive power and health points, making it the ideal ‘tank’ in AxE: Alliance vs Empire. Its close-combat capability is particularly noteworthy, allowing it to take on up to ten enemies at the same time – a feat that few adversaries would be keen to try. Despite all this, the Titan’s speed and attack accuracy are not as impressive as other classes.

A Titan boasts the following abilities:

Spinning Void: Launches two spinning axes simultaneously, dealing continual harm with nine impacts and a total of 161% harm combined.

Smash: A two-handed strike that creates five impacts and deals a total of 200% damage to the target.

With Rock Drop, a massive boulder is hurled at the opponent causing two hits of damage, resulting in a total of 210% harm.

The Head Breaker ability incapacitates the target for a duration of 3 seconds, diminishing their damage output by 180 points during that time.

Blinding can cause enemy attacks to miss and will decrease their defense by 7.2% and their movement speed by 1.2% for a duration of three seconds.

The Galanos Alliance is a group of swordsmen.

The Swordsman has graceful, effective maneuvers that don’t lack in power compared to other classes. With their remarkable swiftness and powerful blows, an adversary can be taken down within a short time frame. The only downside is their lower health and protective abilities.

A Swordsman must possess the following capabilities:

The Combo Slash is an aerial sword technique that is extremely devastating, dealing 153% damage with three strikes.

A sword imbued with frost is used to launch a twofold assault on the adversary, dealing a total of 180% damage.

The tornado is a formidable force, striking its target three times and dealing 222% damage as it whirls up into the atmosphere.

Manifesting fury decreases the foe’s safety by 27%.

Decreasing the Assault Power of the Opponent: This lowers the attack strength of the enemy by 39%.

The Holy Darkhan Empire has a legendary figure known as Valkyrie.

The Valkyrie boasts remarkable offensive and defensive prowess, the latter of which is only outdone by the Titan and Warrior. In my experience with the game, this race is one of the few that stands out in both offense and defense. She will remain a popular choice for both PvP and guild battles.

The Valkyrie possess the following capabilities:

She rapidly moved towards her foe and then launched a series of shield strikes, which caused a total of 3 impacts and inflicted a total of 158% harm.

In a dance of fiery destruction, she unleashes a torrent of flames with unbridled fury to devastate her foes, dealing a staggering seven strikes and an overall damage of 182%.

She quickly attacked her foe with four strikes, dealing a total of 224% damage.

A Blessing of Healing is used to gradually recover both the user’s and her teammates’ health. This healing power increases their health by 2.1% every second for a total of 23.1%.

Regeneration: Utilizing this ability will allow her and her teammates to regain their health quickly. It will bring back 15% of their health in an instant.

The Holy Darkhan Empire’s Warriors

The Empire counts on the Warrior to face the Titan race. Warriors are known for their strength, kindness, valor and allegiance. Owing to their faithfulness to the Empire, warriors can sometimes be too trusting in the Empire’s decisions, and will even give their lives to guard the highborn of the Empire.

The abilities of a swordsman encompass:

The Hero Storm: A powerful combination of two strikes, the first being a jump towards the foe and then an upward attack that deals 162% damage in total.

A powerful attack is unleashed on the foe with Dark Strike, resulting in six strikes for a total of 196% harm.

The sacred sky slash is a two-hit attack with a holy sword that can inflict a combined damage of 211%.

When attacking an enemy, the “cleave” move can paralyze them for 3 seconds and cut their damage output by 180 points within the same time frame.

The enemy’s attacks may be prevented from hitting their target with Blind. Furthermore, this technique also decreases their defense by 7.2% and their movement speed by 1.2% for 3 seconds.

The Holy Darkhan Empire’s Mages

The Mage is the sole class that is capable of attacking from a distance in AxE: Alliance vs Empire, apart from the Archer. Although their defensive capabilities and endurance are much weaker than other classes, they can still cause damage to a multitude of foes at once. Mages have the ability to manipulate natural elements, this is why they can be seen using such elements in their attacks.

The Mage has the ability to demonstrate the following skills:

An intense flame is unleashed with Firestorm that burns any foes in its path, causing a single strike that adds up to 169% harm.

A meteor shower, comprising of five strikes, is summoned to strike the foe, causing a total of 183% damage.

A Cold Wave is unleashed to strike the adversary, resulting in two strikes that cause 205% damage in total.

The foe’s defense is substantially weakened by a psychic attack, decreasing it by 27%.

The enemy’s assault capability is drastically curtailed by the Bloody Curse, which decreases their attack power by almost forty percent.

Ending Remarks

As a seasoned player of AxE: Alliance vs Empire, I wholeheartedly suggest that beginners form multiple characters and try out each faction to decide which class is best for them. This RPG is slightly more demanding compared to others; gamers will observe that it takes longer to level up and they can be easily defeated by monsters if not careful. So, if you aspire to be a pro, you must continue practicing and gaining experience. The Redfinger Android emulator could be of assistance in this regard since it allows you to log in to multiple accounts simultaneously, enabling you to select the class which suits you the best in the least amount of time, as well as speeding up your leveling process.